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I strongly believe that our everyday tools should be as pleasurable as possible. This is why I designed these crochet hook cases. They hold up to 20 of the thinnest crochet hooks, or plenty of various sizes. Feeling their light weight in hands is by itself a very satisfying experience. Their sleeve slides smoothly to reveal your precious tools. A fountain pen or a cigar would also fit in, for those into that stuff. 


Made of real wood and carved with innovative techniques, these crochet hook holders are very light (barely a 50g or 1.75oz!), yet preserving a stunning resistance, making them a delicate but sturdy piece of design. Each one of them have their own little something, as wood is unpredictable in variation of shades. Even though these cases are round, they do not roll around because of their low gravity center. The sleeve is made of veneer, tight enough to keep a grip on the solid wood body, but loose enough to slide easily.

Dimensions: Overall: 1" x 8" Inner space: About 0.75" x 7" rounded

Every crochet case is finished with laquer, which gives a strong protection to the wood, while keeping the surface smooth and lightly shiny. In order to keep a good fitting of the sleeve on the body, it is primordial to keep the case away from prolonged dampness. It is possible to clean the surfaces with a damp, warm rag and dry immediately.

Photo credits: Carolanne Lamontagne (@carolannelam)

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