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Our safe knives are tools design with kids in mind. We think that around a certain age, every kids become curious and want to do a lot of things exactly as mom or dad do. Cooking is part of that list.

Made of sugar maple, it goes through soft to medium firm ingredients such as banana, apple, kiwi, tofu and pepper. As kids grow, sharpening the knife makes it still relevant for those still a bit frisky to use a real metal knife. Despite being a tool oriented for food, your kids will find it fun to play with it in play dough or anything really that can be cut, scrapped or smoothed. 

Some of us even use them to make homemade bread or pastries, as a divider for the dough and scraper for the counter after kneading and shaping. Works just great.


- Do not wash in the dishwasher. Wood in itself has anti-bacterial properties (source:

- Wash in warm or hot water and dry instantly. Prolonged soaking will deteriorate the wood as well as the finish.

- When the wood becomes grayish, seems dry, rough to the touch, or if you want to sharpen the knife, sand down with 180 grit sandpaper and oil it with 100% pure linseed oil, or any other food grade oil, such as cutting board oil.

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